Obeying Jesus is like buying flowers

Upon hearing that salvation is by grace alone, one can often wonder why we should be obedient to Jesus if it doesn’t earn us salvation?

One of the primary reasons comes from Jesus’ own mouth. In John 14:15 he says “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” 

Our king and creator tells us that obedience to Him should be out of love.  Because of the loving relationship we have with Jesus, we strive to do things that please him. This is perhaps illustrated in the common practice of buying flowers for a lady.

There are three reasons for buying flowers for a lady.

First, many men buy flowers for a lady in order to avoid the wrath of their female counterpart. They’ve committed some grievous error (such as forgetting an anniversary), and in order to avoid the punishment due, they purchase flowers.  They have done wrong and use the flowers in an attempt to avoid the hell that awaits them. This transaction, of course, rarely yields the desired results as the giving of flowers is not enough to cover over their sin.

Secondly, some men buy flowers in order to manipulate the affection of a woman. Countless high schoolers have attempted to earn the admiration of one of God’s daughters by producing a bouquet that, in their minds, earns them attention and perhaps even a date. They use the flowers in an attempt to earn the love of the lady. Some dudes even go so far as to assume that by producing the flowers, the young lady will “have to” love him. What these young men fail to see is that a bouquet is simply a collection of dying plants, certainly not enough to bring one into a deep and loving relationship.

Finally, some men will buy flowers because they know that their lady likes receiving flowers. They go to the store, examine the petals and containers in order to find just the right one, because they know what their lady likes. They present her with the bouquet. When she asks why, he simply says “because I love you and I know you like getting flowers”.   The flowers are a sign of their love and affection for their lady with whom they already have a loving relationship.

In the same way, there are three reasons for obeying Jesus. First, some of us try to do enough  in an attempt to avoid the wrath of God.  Second, some of us do it in an attempt to manipulate the love of God so He has to love us.  Finally, some of us obey Jesus because we have a relationship with Him and we know that our obedience pleases him. We obey not to avoid wrath or manipulate His love, but BECAUSE of the loving relationship we share with Him.

What is your motivation for obeying Jesus?

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